A close up of the hand-sewn biscuits I created for the day job.
If you want any biscuit (or any other food stuff) created, please don't hesitate to drop me an email! I've made a few into brooches, they don't look half bad.
Summer's here - to the beach!

A leaving present of cross stitched and framed, favourite and famous quotes!

A few lifestyle shots of my hand-stitched biscuit range that I helped to direct; for use in our Spring/Summer Collection 2011 catalogue.

Latest range

Here are a few images from the latest range I designed for Gift Republic.
Each biscuit is hand-stitched by me! To view the full range; including some lovely wrapping paper (which I had the best day approving on press at the printers - like Willy Wonka's Factory but CMYK based!) please click here

The 3D Type Book

Images from of my work (The nails on the left hand page and a few on the right hand page) involved with the Pixies Minotaur boxset are featured in The 3D Type Book by FL@33 and published by Laurence King. Although not released, you can pre-order from Amazon now. Do it.


The Pixies - Minotaur boxset, the best looking and heaviest music boxset I had the amazing opportunity to work on with direction from Mr Vaughan Oliver has been nominated for a grammy.

WW1 Adventure

Photos from the Battlefields trip.

The Western Front.

(silver framed old film polaroids - not Photoshop magic.)

Polaroids from last months trip to the First World War battlefields and trenches along the Western Front.

Possibly the most amazing and moving trip. I think it's impossible to comprehend the numbers that were killed in the 'war to end all wars' - no matter how many white headstones you see along the side of the road in 'battlefield cemeteries'.

Apprehensive to see the results of the 35mm film which is yet to be developed. I have high hopes for the Menin gate at night - after the Last Post.
Some other nice bits of type and ephemera up here soon.

Neglected illustrations